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Here’s a Question: Are video games ruining movies for me?

This is not really an opinion piece, more a personal reflection. I was thinking about this the other day. I was talking with a co-worker and they asked me about a few movies and if I had seen them. I had not. In fact I hadn’t seen a lot of the movies that he was talking about including any movie in the recent Avengers series. No Iron Man, no Thor, nothing.

I really want to see those movies for obvious reasons. However when I fire up Netflix to catch up on the older ones I just exit out and do something else. I have no real drive to see them. And that goes for a lot of movies. Even moves I know are good and I know I would probably really enjoy. It’s a mind think. I’m probably getting too cynical for my own good and it’s costing me. I will touch on why I think this is in a bit.
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