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I finally found an RTX 3070 out in the wild. So I bought it.

My GTX 1070 Founders Edition was an absolute workhorse. I got it in July of 2016 and used it until June of this year. Six glorious years of powering the graphics on my PC. It was first paired with an AMD FX-8350 and then an Intel Core i5 and finally an i9-9900k which I still use today.

I wanted to upgrade earlier but didn’t really feel the need to since I only have a 1080p PC monitor and don’t really care about super-sampling all too much. So, I skipped the 20 series cards and waited for the next generation. Of course with Covid, finding a new video card became hard to do, not to mention way too expensive. Since my 1070 was still working fine I just decided to wait until I found the card I wanted, the object of my desire, in a local store. By local I of course mean Best Buy as that’s the only place near me that carries higher end video cards.

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