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Redeeming DLC codes on used games. It’s very possible.

Something that I have noticed over the years is many people that pre-order games or even just buy new don’t cash in those code vouchers that come with the games to get the free DLC. Now I buy new whenever I can but I also don’t hesitate to buy used if it’s a good deal. I raid the local Gamestop every month looking for cheap games to add to my collection.

Many times I will get a game that still has the code vouchers for whatever pre-order bonus came with it. So I go home and right after I peel off all those Gamestop stickers I fire up the console and input the code like some kind of lottery. What I have found is most of time it has not been redeemed and I just scored some free DLC. Of the ones I have tried, only twice have I not been able to get the item, and I try a lot. Most of the time it’s only a new skin or a slightly better starting weapon but other times it’s been full games.

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