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WIndows Phone 8.1 GDR1 Update Pros and Woes

I was finally able to upgrade my phone to the latest update for WP8.1 and I was underwhelmed. The big feature was the ability to add folders to the start menu…


That’s cool but something I don’t find myself using. My big disappointment was this…


No, not Rooster Teeth, we like them. Look at the address bar. If you recall one of my favorite things about WP8.1 was that you could use a desktop version of EVERY website. Well that has changed. Now IE in WP8.1 with the GDR1 update is picked up as a mobile web browser again and can be forced to use the mobile version of a site like every other phone. You can set it to default to desktop versions of websites but that setting can be overridden by the website itself.

Oh well it was fun while it lasted.

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