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Wolfenstein: The New Order

I am not a professional reviewer, but I am an avid gamer. I play games for fun, not for competition or online bragging rights. I grew up playing games for fun and got hooked. I say that to give a glimpse into how I am going to review this game. It will be much like my Windows Phone 8 review where it’s from my point of view and how I receive the content. I will keep it a bit vague as to not accidentally spoil anything but some things are inevitable so read with that in mind.

So to start, it’s a fantastic game. It’s exactly what I would think a current generation Wolfenstein would be. But there are some flaws that take away from the experience, but only slightly. Let’s begin at the top, the introduction to the events that are about to unfold set the stage for a game with a serious tone. That is until you eat dog food to regain health. The story, I feel, is pretty good and I enjoy the premise. If I were looking for a believable story, this ain’t it, but I buy it as it is presented with enough depth that it works for the game. It won’t change how you view shooters from now on but it moves the action along and keeps you entertained. You will shortly find that the story is also a bit dumb, but that’s by design it would seem. It has enough funny or stupid moments and comments to interrupt the serious tone that it all feels like it works.

The game uses the standard health and armor counters instead of the rebounding health bar popular among recent games. I enjoy both styles of health systems as they both have their place, however I was delighted to see they used the old school method. Not only is it true to the original but the first two F.E.A.R. games use it and they are the games that got me back into shooters. So not only is it a throwback to the old school but also to what got me back into the genre.

Health and armor pickups are plentiful but there are times when you need to be a bit conservative. However most of the campaign throws enough at you that health management is only a second or third priority. The only issue is that you have to pick up everything. Manually. Your X or Square button will get quite the workout. This is ok except when you are trying to quickly pickup armor and it’s close to bullets that you are full on and the game insists that you are trying to pick those up instead. This isn’t a common occurrence but when it happens, be prepared to use adult language.

The moment I knew this game and I would get along was when it threw two giant robots at me. Close by were multiple turrets that I instantly ran to as that would be what every other shooter would have you do. As I mounted each turret trying to gain an advantage the robots would destroy them. I had to use my normal weapons. Falling back on my experience with modern games I knew that would never work, but then I did it. I took down not one, but two 20 foot tall robots with an assault rifle and pistol. Any game that lets you dispatch giant enemies with normal weapons and not have to fall into a scripted sequence it a win in my book.

I will stop there so I don’t spoil anything. Bottom line is the game is entertaining, harkens back to a better time and if you go in with an open mind and enthusiasm for a fun experience, it will deliver. Highly recommended. My PS4 was starting to feel lonely as I hadn’t played it in a few months, so thanks Wolfenstein you gave me a reason to enjoy my new console again!

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