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Let’s Look At: Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox 360.

Yup I bought it on last gen’s system seeing as I have yet to take the leap to an Xbox One. This game was actually going to be the one to force my hand to pick up an XBOne but once they announced it was coming to PS4 next year, and being released on 360 at the same time as the XBOne version, I decided to just pick up the 360 copy and wait for next year to get the “better” version. The PS4 version will likely include DLC and other stuff I’m sure.

So as I have no experience with the current-gen version let’s talk about the 360 version. At first glance I was blown away. Partly because the game looks very good but also because I have been playing a lot of PC and PS4 lately so I was expecting the 360 version to look awful. So shame on me for doubting the little white system. Also shame on me for think it would be terrible and still buying it, but that’s a whole other issue. 🙂

I resisted starting the game because I wanted to finish Fallout 4 before starting this, however since they are on different system it’s no big deal to me. That’s also a thing I do. I don’t want to have two unfinished games on the same system, but different systems if fine. Yes it’s weird but that’s me. Anyway I really wanted to see the game so I caved and fired it up. My first impression, other than liking the graphics, was being impressed at the presentation and production values. Yes it’s a big budget title from a big studio but still, I couldn’t help but feel impressed. Part of that was definitely due to the whole “wow, THIS is on the 360?” thing I had going on.

The game plays like the older game so if you have played through that one then you know what to expect really. However they introduced a new mechanic of gathering herbs and other resources to craft health items and other things you may need. I’m not far enough in to see how reliant the game is going to be on that but so far the rebounding health has worked just fine like the original game.

But enough talk, let’s watch! Here is my video showing gameplay and more of my thoughts…

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