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My SNES Classic Pre-Order has NOT been cancelled by Wal-Mart. [UPDATED]

UPDATE: They finally cancelled it. The original story is below.

It was Friday night, I was in bed watching LivePD when I got the text from Clifford. “Pre-Orders are Live!” with a link to Wal-Mart. I sprang into action, trying to pre-order from my phone. I was having issues so I got up and ran to my office to hop online using my desktop.

Success! I snagged one. It was glorious. I sent a tweet out to let others know they were live. I went back to the site to see if they were still up a few minutes later and Walmart had already taken it down. But my email hit that my order was successful. I rejoiced and slept well that night.

I awoke the next day to see if it was available anywhere else out of pure curiosity which is when I saw the fallout of people having their orders cancelled by Walmart. Scathing tweets, YouTube videos and Reddit posts all ripping into Walmart for cancelling their order.

I get it. People were being told that it was a mistake, they could not secure funds or whatever else by various representatives which all may or may not have been accurate. A few even reported that soon all of them would be cancelled. But it turns out that only a small few have had their orders cancelled. Most people still have a valid order.

That’s where I sit currently. My order is fine, no issues. I even called Walmart to double-check, realizing that by doing so they may see the order and cancel it. But I was assured that my order was valid, the listing was a mistake due to being early but I should be just fine. Now the person I was talking to may not have been accurate, that’s possible. Or maybe they were tired of arguing with people about it at this point but still, that’s what I was told.

So if your order has not been cancelled yet, that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t but you can probably rest a little easier.

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