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I have a problem with keeping empty technology boxes.

I have a serious problem with holding onto boxes. I fully admit it. Anytime I buy a new piece of hardware, a console or really anything game or technology related I save the box. I have no plans to sell the thing but I like having the original box “just in case”.

Also I have some irrational fear that if I throw the box away then whatever I have becomes less “special” and I don’t know why that bothers me. It shouldn’t. I rationalize saving the boxes for the consoles as it will help when I go to move someday and can now pack them up in a protective box made just for them. And truthfully that’s what started it.

But that has continued and now I save the boxes for every collectors edition game I buy. Most of them come with some figure or statue and therefore come in a large box. My office used to be “decorated” with a big stack of the boxes on display until I got tired of looking at them. Now they are in the closet. My closet in my office is taken up by empty boxes. Not really the most efficient use of space. To make matters worse I refuse to break the boxes down. I could easily cut the rest of the tape on them and fold all the boxes flat so they take up nearly no room at all, but of course then I’d have to either save the interior packaging for the boxes which would makes breaking down the boxes a bit pointless or throw it away. That, however, would go against the whole keep it in case I move thing so that’s out.

What it boils down to is, I have a problem with boxes. This weekend I bought a two pack of Zelda themed pint glasses. When I bought it at the store I was super excited to go home and use them. I was going to add them to the cabinet and they would enjoy being used in the way they were intended.

Once I got home I left the package on the counter. I went back and forth over actually opening the box. Eventually I gave in, grabbed my trusty Dragon knife and sliced the seal. I washed the glasses and stuck one in the freezer for Yuengling duty later on. I picked up the box, tossed it in the trash and breathed a sigh of relief. I did it. I opened and then threw away a box to something.

I wanted to continue the success so I went to my closet and started throwing away some boxes. I kept most of the console boxes and collectors edition boxes but tossed out most of the rest. Here is a small list of items whose empty boxes I threw away:

  • TP-Link Wireless PCI Card
  • TP-Link Antenna Extender
  • Forestfish Sunglasses
  • Microsoft Band (1st Generation, I had thrown the band away months ago)
  • HP TouchPad (Remember these?)
  • DualShock 4 Controller
  • Xbox One Controller
  • USB Microphone
  • Pop Filter for USB Mic
  • Original PS3. (The unit died and was disposed of a year ago.)
  • Generic Gamestop box for GameCube.
  • Generic Gamestop box for PlayStation 2.
  • Original Surface Power Keyboard
  • Original Surface Pro
  • Generic Bluetooth Mouse
  • Logitech M510 Mouse
  • Microsoft Arc Keyboard
  • Corsair SSD x2
  • Gamestop brand Xbox 360 Controller
  • Generic (bulk packaging) PlayStation TV box

And that’s just to start. I have many more empty boxes in there to throw away but that’s a good start. Hopefully this is the beginning of my box obsession going away. I’m still not going to break them down, at least not yet.


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