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Ys VIII: A Reason to Play my Vita Again!

I have never played a Ys game. That has now changed. To be fair I’m only a handful of hours in but so far I am enjoying it very much. The game is available on the Vita, PS4, PC and Switch and I went out to buy it on the Switch, forgetting it was first out on the Vita. Out of curiosity I asked the local Gamestop if they had a copy on Vita since their Vita games are no longer on the shelf requiring you to ask for them as if they are a dirty magazine. Surprisingly they had a use copy with the original case. I’m a stickler for the case. No original case, no deal.


The game is a third person action rpg where you hack and slash through your foes using swords, axes, and other weapons while also using more advanced attacks called skills. It’s nothing new or groundbreaking but it plays very well and runs smoothly on the little Vita.

I was a bit worried about it’s performance on the Vita as it is the weakest of the available systems but I’m happy to report there is nothing to worry about. There are times where you will see the framerate chug for a bit but overall it’s smooth and the gameplay feels great.

Anyway this is just a short post, I just started it really. But if you have been looking for a reason to pick your Vita back up, Check out Ys VIII.

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