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Ys VIII: A Reason to Play my Vita Again!

I have never played a Ys game. That has now changed. To be fair I’m only a handful of hours in but so far I am enjoying it very much. The game is available on the Vita, PS4, PC and Switch and I went out to buy it on the Switch, forgetting it was first out on the Vita. Out of curiosity I asked the local Gamestop if they had a copy on Vita since their Vita games are no longer on the shelf requiring you to ask for them as if they are a dirty magazine. Surprisingly they had a use copy with the original case. I’m a stickler for the case. No original case, no deal.


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PlayStation Vita Buyers Guide and Best Games

Thinking about buying a Vita but want to know more about it? Check this out! We got you covered. Here is an overview of the system, a few game recommendations, ones to avoid and my personal favorites.

Let’s Look At: Earth Defense Force 2 on PlayStation Vita

Stephen looks at Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders from Planet Space on the PlayStation Vita. We dive in to the first two missions and see what it’s all about.

Fun fact: This is a port of the PSP/PS2 version that wasn’t originally available in the States. But take a look at us now!

Unboxing: Trails of Cold Steel – Lionheart Edition!

Stephen unboxes the Lionheart Edition of Legends of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel for the PlayStation Vita.

Having never played this series before he dives into the box with open arms, high hopes and dreams of what’s to come. Ok, so actually he just opens the box and shows us what’s inside. Either way, we hope you like it!

Gravity Rush

Let’s be honest, many Vita games that are born on the Vita never really make it much further in life. But Gravity Rush is different. Sony is releasing an HD version of Gravity rush on PS4 as well as making a full sequel to the game. The bad news? The sequel will be PS4 only, no Vita version of the sequel to the game that got it’s legs on the Vita. But I suppose that is not too surprising. It should also be noted that the game was originally going to be a PS3 title but was moved over to the Vita.

But this article isn’t about the sequel, no it’s about the original title released on February 9th, 2012. It is a third person action adventure game. You play the role of Kat, which is a very appropriate name given that you get your gravity bending powers from a little black cat that follows you around.  Kat is a young, blonde and very spunky heroine that is found by the afore mentioned cat and given the power to basically ignore the standard rules of gravity. She also has a pretty mean kick.

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 for Vita 1.02 Update!

Revelations 2 for Vita just got an update to fix the visuals. It was way too bright originally, now it looks much better.


Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Vita Graphics Comparison

Tips N4G

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 just came out on the Vita. I bought it because I had not played it yet. With big name titles not coming to the Vita as often I wanted to throw my monetary support at it.

I immediately noticed that it was not up to par graphically as other titles on the system. It looks washed out, kind of like playing a PC game on it’s lowest settings. With that in mind I fired up Steam and bought it on PC to make this comparison video. There’s a difference…

I should point out that the screenshots look worse in the video. The game actually looks fine on the Vita’s small screen. Once I got used to the graphics I had no problems putting hours into it and having a fun time.

Freedom Wars

Tips N4G

I’ve never really gotten into Monster Hunter style games. I tried them once on the Wii and another time on the PSP. I just couldn’t get into them. However since starting Freedom Wars I have not been able to put it down.

Granted, it’s been said that Freedom Wars is not exactly a Monster Hunter clone, but is in the same vein as those games. I have no idea what the connection is since I can put all my Monster Hunter experience into a nice little ten minute box. Either way, this is turning out to be a good game.

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Assassins Creed III Liberation – Throwback Thursday

Tips N4G

Late to the game on this one but I finally finished it. There are multiple options for playing this game, either the original release on the Vita or the HD release on PC, 360 or PS3. As should be no surprise, I opted for the Vita version so this review will be based on my experience with the handheld. From reading different sites, the console/PC experience doesn’t really differ aside from looking prettier and a few added missions. So this should cover all iterations of the game pretty well.

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Batman: Arkham Origins – Blackgate

Yup, another Vita title. I’ve been playing a lot of Vita lately and have been having a blast. The latest title I’ve recently finished was Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate which is a companion to the console releases back in 2013. It plays as a 2.5D side scrolling version of the main games. In many ways it works very well, but there are also some major flaws with the title that should be talked about, but nothing that would warrant avoiding it.

It’s a decent handheld title that can be picked up and put down almost at will thanks to frequent automatic save points. I wish more games adopted that mechanic. I mainly finished the game by playing for an hour or more at a time but there were plenty of times I could pick up for only 10 minutes, advance the story a bit and pick it back up later without losing that progress.

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Killzone: Mercenary

This was another of my first Vita purchases based on all the glowing reviews. Borderlands plays well on the system but I really wanted to try out a Triple-A shooter that was built specifically for the Vita. The game does a great job of showing what this handheld is capable of. This and Uncharted are the perfect “show off” games for the Vita.

Let’s dive into Killzone. First off it has its own story but unlike Shadowfall this still plays and feels like classic Killzone. You play as a mercenary that has been hired on to help support the ISA against the Helghast. You take on specialized missions and get paid to do so, which they remind you of a lot. Everything you do basically earns you money and the characters talk about getting paid a lot. There are pros and cons to this approach.

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The time is right to buy a Vita.

From the moment I first learned of the Vita back in 2011 I wanted one. So why did I wait nearly four years to buy one? I’d like to think because I also waited four years to buy a PSP and felt the need to be consistent. But in truth I never really could justify the price until the Borderlands 2 bundle came out. Even then I was hesitant to spend the cash.

I felt I wouldn’t play it as often as I thought I would and didn’t want to waste $200 on a whim even though my PSP still gets a lot of attention. Also I was unsure about the library of games available for the system especially since big triple-A support has seemed to fall off.

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