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SMTP: Dead Space 3

I loved the first Dead Space. It was, and still is, my favorite survival horror game of the “previous gen”. The first time I played it, I tried to see how far I could make it with all the lights turned off. I’m not too proud to say that didn’t last long. I got tired of having to get back up to cut the lights on after the first five minutes.

As soon as I played it, I restarted it. It was that good to me. I didn’t get into Dead Space 2 until after the third game was released. The reason was I was afraid that it would be terrible. I thought they would ruin it. I, of course, was wrong. Dead wrong. It was fantastic!

Shortly after I finished Dead Space 2 PSN announced that Dead Space 3 would be an upcoming free game for PS+ members. Excited, I eagerly awaited the 1st of the month to get my hands on a digital copy. Continue reading