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Killzone: Mercenary

This was another of my first Vita purchases based on all the glowing reviews. Borderlands plays well on the system but I really wanted to try out a Triple-A shooter that was built specifically for the Vita. The game does a great job of showing what this handheld is capable of. This and Uncharted are the perfect “show off” games for the Vita.

Let’s dive into Killzone. First off it has its own story but unlike Shadowfall this still plays and feels like classic Killzone. You play as a mercenary that has been hired on to help support the ISA against the Helghast. You take on specialized missions and get paid to do so, which they remind you of a lot. Everything you do basically earns you money and the characters talk about getting paid a lot. There are pros and cons to this approach.

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The time is right to buy a Vita.

From the moment I first learned of the Vita back in 2011 I wanted one. So why did I wait nearly four years to buy one? I’d like to think because I also waited four years to buy a PSP and felt the need to be consistent. But in truth I never really could justify the price until the Borderlands 2 bundle came out. Even then I was hesitant to spend the cash.

I felt I wouldn’t play it as often as I thought I would and didn’t want to waste $200 on a whim even though my PSP still gets a lot of attention. Also I was unsure about the library of games available for the system especially since big triple-A support has seemed to fall off.

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SMTP: Killzone Shadow Fall

Killzone is a strong brand in the PlayStation universe. It was a huge system seller when Killzone 2 came out for the PS3. I was expecting the same excitement for Shadow Fall. It’s been argued that Shadow Fall is not really a sequel as it’s not a numbered entry in the series and I get that. However, there is an expectation for this brand, especially if it’s going to be a launch title. This title was one of their arguments for getting a PS4 over the XBone right?

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