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Finally going to finish GTA IV after too many years…

I have over 40 hours into GTA IV and still have not finished it. I put those 40 hours into it when it released on Xbox years ago. I got to a point where I had to chase down a car. I could not do it. The driving physics were terrible. I tried and tried. I finally just said “I’m done” and never touched it.

But that wasn’t the last of GTA IV for me. I got it again a few years ago when Steam had it on sale for $1.99 or something stupid cheap. I figured I’d get around to it again sometime. I took advantage of Steams current sales and got a few PC games such as Shadow of Mordor and can’t wait to dive in. But I don’t want to start a long PC game while I’m still playing through Dragon Age on PS4. So I wanted to get something I could pick up and put down almost at will.

Enter the old game from Rockstar. But this time would be different. I jumped back in from the start of the game, this time on PC, and tried my best but could not get used to the terrible driving physics. So I did what I never do. I looked for mods. I had to. I found a mod that supposedly made the GTAIV cars drive like the cars in GTAV. I haven’t played GTAV yet but figured if there is a mod using the new driving physics as the model, it has to be better right? Right! The cars handle so much better, the driving sections and chase scenes are so much more fun now. And that’s the point, fun! I no longer dread those parts, I enjoy them. The driving sections are still not up to the same level of fun as Saints Row but it’s definitely better.

So I’m excited to see what happens after I finally reach and hopefully complete now that mission that held me back to long. I know that if I had actually tried to beat the mission years ago I probably could have done it, but I wasn’t having fun. And if I’m not having fun, I can’t keep playing.

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