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Surface Pro Gaming | Episode 8: Yooka-Laylee

Yoooookaaaaaa Layleeeeeee!!!! Why am I so excited?! Because I enjoy when things just work. And that is exactly what happened here.


NieR: Automata – A (late) Gamers Review

Let’s make this clear right off, I adore this game. I do. So if you want to just cut to the chase and move on, yes I recommend this game. If you want to know why, or just want to learn more about the game then let’s do this. Be warned, there is a lot to cover here so sit back, relax, grab a drink and read on.

I didn’t even think twice about this game when it came out. I thought “Who cares?!” the first one had mixed reviews at best, why on earth is there another one? It wasn’t even a blip on my radar except for really enjoying the videos that Outside Xbox/Extra were putting out about it. I laughed at the videos, thought maybe it looked ok, if a bit boring and life went on.

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Dark Souls 3 – First Impressions

Let’s take a quick look at Dark Souls 3. Not a full review, I still have many, many hours left to put into this game before I can offer an intelligent review of it.

Salt and Sanctuary Review.

It’s no surprise I like this game. I’ve posted many boss fights with more to come as well as talked about my adoration for this game on Monday Vlog #4. I finally finished the game and am ready to talk about it. I may mention Dark Souls many times, not unlike other reviews, so get ready for that.

So why do I like this game? Simply put it takes just about everything that the Souls franchise does right and accurately translates that into a 2D action, platformer RPG. Right from the outset you can tell this is going to be a game that requires precision, great hand to eye coordination and lots of patience.

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Let’s Look At: Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row: The Third or, as I will refer to it from here on out, SR3 is the third game in the Saints Row series so it’s appropriately named.  It is also the first game in the series that I played. I do own the first two games and have put time into them but they didn’t capture me like SR3 did, but that’s probably because SR3 feels like a complete departure. While the first two games felt, to me at least, like self-aware GTA clones with a sense of humor about themselves, SR3 is just a wacky open world game that is best experienced than explained.

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Let’s Look At: GUN

Stephen digs into GUN and talks about why it’s one of his favorite games of all time.

Let’s Look At: Grand Theft Auto (series)

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September 17th, 2003 is a day that many will regard as a great day in gaming. That is the day Grand Theft Auto V was released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. I could not have cared less. I tried, but it was impossible. The game was not on my radar or care meter. The reason is because in two months time the PlayStation 4 would be released and with it, surely a new-gen version of GTAV right? Well yes, but not until a year later and even longer for the PC release. But even then I didn’t pick it up, at least not yet. I was Grand Theft Auto’d out.

Eventually I did and rediscovered why this series is still successful. Much like war, GTA never changes. The same core gameplay you know and love is present in each and every game making any version easy to pick up and play. It’s the extra stuff they do that make each new version what it is. This is not a review of all the titles in the series or even an in-depth look. It’s just a written account of my history and thoughts of the series.

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