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Games I stopped playing. Volume 1

We all do it. We start a game with the intent of seeing it through and for some reason you just don’t finish it. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad game, it just wasn’t for you. Today I’m taking a look at four current gen titles that I just gave up on even though initially I really liked some of them.

1. Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X_20150418132440I really liked this game at first. So much in fact that I recommended it. However once I was done with the story mode I felt little motivation to continue. I wanted to, especially given how much of my childhood was wrapped up in this series. There was a time where Mortal Kombat and I were inseparable. But as I grew older I found that I enjoyed fighting games less and less. Hell Killer Instinct wasn’t enough for me to buy an Xbox One and I was addicted to it back in the 90s.

But after finishing the story and playing the towers for about an hour I felt like I had nothing else to do and the actual gameplay itself wasn’t enough to hold me anymore. And while I know there was plenty more to do in the game I didn’t have any draw to it. Great game for what it is, but it’s impression didn’t last on me.

2. Lego Marvel Super Heroes

LEGO® MARVEL Super Heroes_20150607112254

I held off buying this game because, as much as I loved the Lego Star Wars and Indiana Jones games, I wasn’t sure the magic would still be there. I tried the Pirates of the Caribbean entry and after the first area conceded that the novelty had worn off. Knowing that, I finally picked this up with the intent on it being a quick game to hold me over while I waited for other games to come out.

The result was I just ended up playing other games I already had instead. It’s not a bad game but it just felt too gimmicky to me. I understand making the gameplay set to play to the strengths of the super heros but the Lego games have always been about adventure and having fun. Solving puzzles were a part of it but the action/adventure aspect of the game was the main draw for me. This title relied too much on puzzle solving. Every area I went to was just a huge puzzle and could only be solved by knowing what super hero to use and how to use them. The action was minimal and boss fights were just a puzzle disguised as a fight. A lot of people like this game and I get why but it wasn’t for me.

3. Project Cars

Project CARS_20150608155112This one was probably my own fault. I wanted a new sim racer as I waited for a new Gran Turismo and this looked to fit the bill. The issue with it is that it’s way too serious of a sim racer. There are options to make it more accessible but even then I could not get into the game. I tried, but just could not get passed how technical you had to be with the setup of the cars. That would not be as big of an issue if the game explained what each adjustment did or what would be recommended. Maybe it does but I never found it. I’m no stranger to cars and know what most of the adjustments do but in the context of the game I still had a problem relating it.

I played it only a few times before stopping. It didn’t grip me in the first hour and I had no motivation to keep going. The game is setup so that the motivation is that you want to keep playing and winning for the glory of it all. But in this era of games with levelling up, items, loot and other rewards in nearly every game it is tough to use one’s own personal gratification as motivation to keep playing. Dark Souls does it well, but they still whip some loot at you from time to time.

4. The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited_20150623164743

This one pains me a bit. I have about 25 hours into this game. I played it almost non-stop for a few weeks. And by non-stop I mean whenever I wasn’t working or doing other adult responsibilities. So all my free time was spent in the world of Tamriel for a bit. And then Batman: Arkham Knight came out so I took a break and played through that game. Post Batman, ESO was never the same for me. It’s weird, it’s the same game I was playing but I now had a disconnect. I didn’t feel as invested. I think it is because normally when I play a game I focus on that game and play it to completion. When I stop I rarely go back to it.

I wanted to go back to ESO and have tried many times but for some reason it has been unable to capture me like it did at first. I will keep this game around and eventually get back into it but right now I have little desire. I found myself just skipping dialogue so I can get back into the action and level up. I was taking a very, let’s just get it done, kind of attitude and realized I needed to take a step back. I wasn’t enjoying the game as it was intended like before so maybe it’s time to finally put Witcher 3 in and check that out so when I am ready to visit Tamriel again it will feel new.

So there is my first entry in games I stopped playing. All four games are good in their own right but just didn’t have staying power with me. ESO came close and may make a comeback but for now I’m finished with it. If I have to force myself to play it, it’s time to call it.

What games have you stopped playing?

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