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Games I stopped playing. Volume 1

We all do it. We start a game with the intent of seeing it through and for some reason you just don’t finish it. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad game, it just wasn’t for you. Today I’m taking a look at four current gen titles that I just gave up on even though initially I really liked some of them.

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Elder Scrolls Online for PS4. The First Week.

I didn’t even know this was coming out a week ago. It wasn’t until a co-worker asked me if I was getting it that I looked into it. Being a fan of Skyrim and seeing that the quests were actually very single player friendly for a MMO, I went out on my lunch break and bought it. I had just finished Witcher 2 and was eager to start Witcher 3 but decided not to wear myself out on that franchise and pop in the new elder scrolls.

Cue the 15GB mandatory update. I got home at 7:30pm and was finally playing it by 10. And by playing I mean staring at the log in screen. But not to worry I was assured I was first in line with one second left. So obviously I was going to get right in there…ten minutes later. Longest. Second. Ever.

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