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Super Smash Brothers 3DS Demo Has Arrived

After years of anticipation the wait is finally over….sort of. The demo for Super Smash Brothers was released on the Nintendo eShop yesterday at noon. The demo allows players to select from five different characters in a solo or group setting, but only one map and game mode are available.

In the demo we are greeted by classic Smash Brothers characters such as Mario, Link, and Pikachu. We also get the chance to play as two new characters, Villager and Mega Man. Personally my favorite of the 5 is Link, and my favorite of the two new characters is Villager.

Villager from Super Smash Brothers

Villager from Super Smash Brothers WiiU

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Hyrule Warriors Game Prediction

My predictions are going to be guessing games. Following the predictions and playing the games, I will post a review of the games and go over my predictions of whether or not they would be good purchases. I will ask myself one question, should I rate this game as Buy or Die?


I am looking forward to the release of the game and my prediction is that it will be fun and exciting. I think it will be nice to unwind with a little Hyrule Warriors and unleash the power within me on some baddies. 

Long and Stressful Day? Why Not Let Loose with some Hyrule Warriors!

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