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Gravity Rush

Let’s be honest, many Vita games that are born on the Vita never really make it much further in life. But Gravity Rush is different. Sony is releasing an HD version of Gravity rush on PS4 as well as making a full sequel to the game. The bad news? The sequel will be PS4 only, no Vita version of the sequel to the game that got it’s legs on the Vita. But I suppose that is not too surprising. It should also be noted that the game was originally going to be a PS3 title but was moved over to the Vita.

But this article isn’t about the sequel, no it’s about the original title released on February 9th, 2012. It is a third person action adventure game. You play the role of Kat, which is a very appropriate name given that you get your gravity bending powers from a little black cat that follows you around.  Kat is a young, blonde and very spunky heroine that is found by the afore mentioned cat and given the power to basically ignore the standard rules of gravity. She also has a pretty mean kick.

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