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I am test driving an Android phone after Microsoft all but dropped Windows Phone support.

This is genuinely a big decision for me. I have been a Windows Phone user since 2011 when I got an HTC Trophy. Prior to that I had a Palm Centro and then a Palm Pixi, which to this day is still my favorite phone I’ve ever had. WebOS didn’t get the love it deserved. I did also have a Treo 700 with Windows but only for a short time. The Trophy with Windows Phone 7 was my first real experience with Windows Phone, which I will now abbreviate as WP for the rest of this piece.

I can blame, or thank, Palm for getting me into Windows Phones. I adored the Pixi for its form factor, despite its name. It was a small candy bar style phone that fit perfectly in my pocket. I had that phone for just over two years with no intention of getting rid of it any time soon. However the touch screen on it became unresponsive prompting me to have to do something. At the time I didn’t have the cash to outright buy a new one and the carrier I was with no longer offered it.

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My experience with Windows 10 so far.

I have been running the final, retail release of Windows 10 since the wee early hours of July 29th. I should mention that I was running the beta prior to that but will disregard my experience there and keep this about the final release that we are all now enjoying.

My morning on the 29th started off by me waking up at 5am. Not due to an alarm or anything that I set but because my body jolted itself awake at the sheer excitement of finally getting the actual release of Windows 10. I decided to race my machines. Desktop against Surface. I assumed my Surface would blow away my desktop due to the Surface having an SSD but it was closer than I expected.

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