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Metal Gear Solid, where have I been?!

Mgs4us_cover_small     I opened my front door, walked down my way too steep driveway and opened my mailbox. To my surprise there was my new Game Informer. The cover story was for Metal Gear Solid 5, I immediately did not read it. I had only a passing interest in the series. I own MGS4 and in 2008 played it for 20 minutes, well by that I mean I played 2 minutes and watched for 18. The long cut scenes turned me off so I put it on the shelf for good I thought.

Fast forward a few years and I started to play it again but not because the new one was coming out but because I wanted to see what happens next. I am a fan of watching “Let’s Plays” on YouTube where a gamer will record themselves playing a game and add commentary to it as they play. My favorite, ok the only one I watch, is OverTheGun and I have watched him stream MGS1, MGS2 and currently he is streaming MGS3. His real name is Liam, he is British and hilarious. Just listening to him react to the game as he plays it has me hooked on it. So I wanted to get a taste of it for myself and began playing MGS4 again.

Wow, what was I thinking back in 2008. I am hooked, the game is fantastic. For an early PS3 title this game still looks really good. Sure I can still see where it looks dated but overall the presentation of the game has really kept it feeling modern and “next gen”. This game has been reviewed countless times so I won’t go into what makes it a great game. While I wish I had played it back in 2008 when it came out, I’m actually glad I didn’t so I can have that feeling of discovering a new franchise and getting hooked on it.

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