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Destined to be Alone: Day One of Destiny.


Just got to install it first….

Day one with Destiny was quite the learning experience. I played the Alpha which just tossed you into an area with no direction and since it was an alpha, I didn’t mind. I skipped the beta because I didn’t want to know any more about the game before playing it. So when I started it up at first I was all…


Once I got passed the intro level I stared wandering around the first section with little purpose or direction. I was level 2 and kept getting killed by level 6-8 enemies. Which I should have! I was just wondering why I wasn’t finding any enemies scaled to my level. It took me about half an hour to realize that I had just wandered too far out of the area I was supposed to be in.


After figuring out that darting off in a random direction may get me killed I got my bearings and started doing story missions and trying to level up. I immediately got worried I wouldn’t be able to do this on my own. I saw other guardians everywhere. I assumed they were just showing me other people that were playing and they could not interfere with my game. I was wrong.

The next batch of enemies I faced were dispatched by myself and some random guy that was near me named “Boobie Bandit”. He seemed to follow me for a bit before I realized he was probably just on the same mission so I stopped and let him go ahead of me for a few minutes so I could stay alone.

See you later Boobie Bandit. Fight on sir or madam!

See you later Boobie Bandit. Fight on sir or madam!

The enemies tend to respawn unless you are in a “dark area” which is code for a “Story Area” I think. In my experience if you decide to play alone, you will typically always be alone in those areas unless you enter it with some other guys in tow, in your Fire Team or not.

After a bit I was getting into the groove and really enjoying the game. I hate to mention it again as it’s been discussed a lot but it really does remind me a lot of Borderlands. It completely lacks the charm of Borderlands but still has it’s hooks in me. I’m at the same level of addiction with Destiny. Ok, that’s the last time I mention the “B” word.

So overall day one was a success and taught me a lot of the fundamentals of the game. I will explore armor and weapon upgrades on Day Two. Overall, I did pretty well alone especially since I was also still getting used to everything; I don’t count the time spent with Boobie Bandit as multiplayer as he wasn’t in my team, he just happened to be going the same way. Here’s a video I put together of my highlights and fails.

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