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Top Five Games of 2014

The Daily Goat Show’s
Top Five Games of the 2014

So before we get into it, let’s talk about why I chose these five games. It’s easy really. They may not be the best games of 2014 to everyone but when I laid out all the games released this year that I’ve played, and that’s a lot of games, these were the five that stood out to me. They stood out because they left the most lasting impression on me, when I started writing about all the games, these five had me on a roll, reliving my experiences and feelings I had when I played them.

So whether or not these are the five I had the most fun with, these are the ones that had the biggest impact on me as a gamer. And that’s fair enough.

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Destined to be Alone: Day Four, Final Impressions and Review

Late but it’s done. This segment I meant. Day Four is here and I won! I finished Mars and hit level 20 to start a new saga on my journey to… well, be better at Destiny.

Look at that thang!

Look at that thang!

I was taken back the first time I saw the Cabal. They were nothing like the previous enemies. Big, huge space marine type enemies. They fell easy enough, but posed a challenge once I started fighting Centurions. Continue reading

Destined to be Alone: Day Three

The Venus Underground

The Venus Underground

Day three took me to Venus and I finally fought a different enemy! Woohoo!! Technically the moon had new enemies but let’s face it, the Hive are basically the Fallen in different clothes. I’m kidding, but it did feel like I fought more Fallen on the moon than Hive.

But the new guys are Vex and they are probably the creepiest enemies in the game so far. They don’t look creepy necessarily but they all just march, in great numbers, right for you. And shame on me for forgetting to screenshot them.

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Destined to be Alone: Day Two

Me with the Traveler.

Me with the Traveler.

Day Two was more exciting. I made it to the moon! I also participated in a Strike mission. That turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be. Yes, that’s a multiplayer mission however since it’s a forced multiplayer mission and not really a story mission, I’m not going to count it against the playthrough.

I discovered that I enjoy doing the Patrol missions and that, if done right, you can level up fairly easily by stacking a few bounties that you can knock out all at once. I was able to complete bounties that required 100 Head Shots, Earning 9000xp without dying, 30 Melee kills without dying and complete six moon patrol missions all at the same time. Cashing those in almost got me enough experience to skip an entire level.

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Destined to be Alone: Day One of Destiny.


Just got to install it first….

Day one with Destiny was quite the learning experience. I played the Alpha which just tossed you into an area with no direction and since it was an alpha, I didn’t mind. I skipped the beta because I didn’t want to know any more about the game before playing it. So when I started it up at first I was all…


Once I got passed the intro level I stared wandering around the first section with little purpose or direction. I was level 2 and kept getting killed by level 6-8 enemies. Which I should have! I was just wondering why I wasn’t finding any enemies scaled to my level. It took me about half an hour to realize that I had just wandered too far out of the area I was supposed to be in.

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Destined to be Alone!

With Destiny releasing tomorrow night, technically Tuesday, I am going to start a new section here. As I am a fan of single player experiences I am going to try and complete the game completely on my own. By that, I mean the main campaign, I read it could be done but will be very hard. I will update this with stories, screen shots and videos of my adventures, or failures, as it goes on.

Stay Tuned!

FYI, spoilers WILL be present, it’s just the nature of the beast.