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2015 in Five Games

2015 gave us a lot of great games and here are the five that summed up my personal year for various reasons. This is not really a top five countdown, just five games that captured me the most in the past year. #2015in5

Top Five Scariest Games to Play on Halloween.

All Hallows Eve, or Halloween depending on where you celebrate, is fast approaching. That can only mean one thing. It’s time for a Top Five Scariest Games list! These five games did horror right and earned their spot on my list as my choices to make your Halloween as creepy as possible.

I’m sure this list could be highly debated and that’s the fun of it. So here we go!

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Top Five Video Game Openings

There is nothing quite like firing up a new game and being treated to an amazing opening. In fact my favorite part of starting a new game is being pulled into its universe by a well crafted opening sequence. Many games try to do this well but only a few really knock it out of the park.

Here are my top opening sequences. Prepare to disagree! 🙂

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Top Five Average Games

I have played a lot of games in my time. From the lowest reviewed shovelware to the top tier blockbuster games and lots of games in between those. It’s that segment of games that I want to focus on. The games that were good enough not to be a throw away, but not quite reviewed as well as you may think.

So what do I mean by an average game? I am going to talk about the my favorite games that may not have been the most well received either critically or commercially. My base requirement is that it should have a Metacrtic score of 70 or less. If a game was reviewed well, but didn’t sell that great I will save those for another article. This one is all about lukewarm receptions for otherwise great games. This is just my opinion of course. So let’s jump in!

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Top Five Dreamcast Games! – Throwback Thursday

I have always felt the Dreamcast was just a bit ahead of it’s time. It had a short life but still managed to make an impact that can still be felt today. Even if that impact is just the conversations that people have as they fondly remember the little white console. I still play mine from time to time and decided to talk about my favorite Dreamcast games. This is not really a top game list, or a best seller list. It’s simply the games I enjoy the most on this system.