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Top Five Dreamcast Games! – Throwback Thursday

I have always felt the Dreamcast was just a bit ahead of it’s time. It had a short life but still managed to make an impact that can still be felt today. Even if that impact is just the conversations that people have as they fondly remember the little white console. I still play mine from time to time and decided to talk about my favorite Dreamcast games. This is not really a top game list, or a best seller list. It’s simply the games I enjoy the most on this system.

Assassins Creed III Liberation – Throwback Thursday

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Late to the game on this one but I finally finished it. There are multiple options for playing this game, either the original release on the Vita or the HD release on PC, 360 or PS3. As should be no surprise, I opted for the Vita version so this review will be based on my experience with the handheld. From reading different sites, the console/PC experience doesn’t really differ aside from looking prettier and a few added missions. So this should cover all iterations of the game pretty well.

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Flip Cameras Vs. Vivitar 510n – Throw Back Thursday

I’m throwing it back about 5 or more years for this one. I was browsing through my old files and came across a bunch of clips Clifford(BigDaddyGoat) and I made for a video camera comparison. I never uploaded it because in the video I’m wearing a Staples manager shirt and worked for them. I didn’t want to post anything on the internet that could interfere with my job. However they laid me off the next year so to hell with them, here’s the video. It’s a bit rough and I had to make a few hard edits and cuts because we never finished the footage so it’s not a very complete review but here is what we have put together for your viewing pleasure.

Dante’s Inferno – Throwback Thursday

So here’s a game that was much better than people may let on, at least in my opinion. I was shopping for some cheap PSP games and came across a brand new, in the wrapper, copy of Dante’s inferno. I completely forgot this was released for the PSP. I bought the game on release for the PS3 and had a blast with it.

When I got home I tore into it, chuckled at how old the case inserts were that were advertising old games and turned on the PSP. I didn’t know what to expect, I remember reading reviews that basically said this version was garbage. So a garbage version of an underrated game. Great, what a treat. To my surprise it mimicked the console version very well.  What was supposed to be a quick test just to see what it’s like turned into hours of playing. And that turned into me firing up the PS3 version for a bit as well.

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Final Fantasy IX – Throwback Thursday

It’s not uncommon for people to speak about songs, movies or books that have changed their life. Not many people mention a video game, at least not seriously, when referencing media that had such a profound impact on them that it altered the way they thought or saw the world afterwards.

Perhaps because video games are still just being accepted as a regular and normal hobby for adults. Many people still associate video games as something boys play as kids even though the average gamer is 30 with 47% being female. The average age of the frequent game buyer is 35. This is according to a google search which pulled data from a study done by G4TV.

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Thief – Throwback Thursday

We are not throwing it back as far as last time. This time around we are looking back at the franchise reboot for Thief on the PC, XBone and PS4.

I played the first game in the series back in 1998 and enjoyed it a lot even though I couldn’t even beat the first level without cheats. I was not good at games back then but that didn’t stop me. I knew what I was playing was something different and new.

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Venetica – Throw Back Thursday

Today we are throwing it back to 2009 and looking at Venetica. A 3rd Person Hack-n-slash RPG by Deck13 Interactive, one of the studios also behind Lords of the Fallen. Haven’t heard of it? That’s no surprise. The game received average reviews at best overall and based on the price cuts shortly after release I can’t imagine it sold well; having a female only protagonist also didn’t help which I find to be absurd but that’s the way things go unfortunately. Even the PC version now has no kind of key code or activation, that’s basically the developer going “Yup, it’s a game.” and just throwing it out there.

I, however, feel it’s one of the few hidden gems out there that hasn’t received much coverage. And that’s a shame. This is a great title that can be bought for very little cash nowadays. So first off, basic story is basic as they say. You play Scarlett who is the only one in a small village without any family aside from a half-brother. The village is attacked by assassins that are looking for her. She survives the attack and then it’s up to her to hunt them down for killing her lover. As it turns out the only way to exact revenge is by using a special sword called a Moonblade. Scarlett, of course, is the only one that can locate and use the blade making her the hero by default.

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