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Destined to be Alone: Day Two

Me with the Traveler.

Me with the Traveler.

Day Two was more exciting. I made it to the moon! I also participated in a Strike mission. That turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be. Yes, that’s a multiplayer mission however since it’s a forced multiplayer mission and not really a story mission, I’m not going to count it against the playthrough.

I discovered that I enjoy doing the Patrol missions and that, if done right, you can level up fairly easily by stacking a few bounties that you can knock out all at once. I was able to complete bounties that required 100 Head Shots, Earning 9000xp without dying, 30 Melee kills without dying and complete six moon patrol missions all at the same time. Cashing those in almost got me enough experience to skip an entire level.

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