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Destined to be Alone: Day Three

The Venus Underground

The Venus Underground

Day three took me to Venus and I finally fought a different enemy! Woohoo!! Technically the moon had new enemies but let’s face it, the Hive are basically the Fallen in different clothes. I’m kidding, but it did feel like I fought more Fallen on the moon than Hive.

But the new guys are Vex and they are probably the creepiest enemies in the game so far. They don’t look creepy necessarily but they all just march, in great numbers, right for you. And shame on me for forgetting to screenshot them.

So here is an image from the internet!



There are a few Vex that show some decent AI and will move about making combat more exciting.

During my stint on Venus I briefly went to an area called the Reef and met some weird brother and sister team where the brother had a fairly large complex about his sister. They were both odd and I still have no idea where they fit into things, I promise I paid attention.  However they did serve the purpose of moving the story along and setting up the final mission. At the time I didn’t realize how soon that final mission would be.  After the reef I mopped up the rest of the Venus missions, questioned how they fit into the story as I got filled in on my final task after the first Venus mission, and head to Mars!

I didn’t record anything noteworthy so here is some random Venus footage. You may notice a discrepancy in levels, yup most of the footage is done before the posts go up. Internet Magic!!!

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