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Call of Duty Ghosts

I’m on the delayed plan when it comes to Call of Duty. I don’t play the multiplayer so paying full price for a five hour campaign does not seem worth it to me but after a few price cuts, and a sale, the price finally fell in line…usually once the new one comes out. So I can’t wait to play Advanced Warfare next year!

For a series that’s known more for its multiplayer, I always have a good time with the campaign. It’s a shame that many people never even play it. Every single Call of Duty campaign I’ve played has been entertaining in some way. They later games seem to cram in a lot of different game styles, like a sample platter of the things you can do in multiplayer, into the campaign in a way that usually works seamlessly. It’s nice to break things up.

Call of Duty® Ghosts

Where the game really shines is the way the guns handle though. The helicopters, tanks, planes, scuba trips and adventures in space are all well and good but those experiences all pale in comparison to the basic gameplay elements. Those are as good as you remember.

The story is a standard rescue/revenge affair that gives the player enough motivation to push forward. The characters didn’t seem as memorable as previous entries into the series, and their interactions were little more than grunts, shouts and military style commands. There were times I had no idea what was going on, but following the tried and true method of pushing forward and shooting whatever moves seemed to get me through those areas.

Call of Duty® Ghosts_20150102222722

There are eighteen chapters in total and most of them go by in the blink of an eye. This is a short campaign even though the number of chapters would have you believe it isn’t. I actually enjoyed the way it was setup. I completed the campaign in my spare time over a few days and was able to play about three of four chapters a night very easily. And that’s how I feel this game should be played. Short bursts. It’s a great mindless shooter. I’m in the middle of a few RPGs and sometimes I just wanted to sit down and play something quick to clear my mind. This was that game.

I don’t have any real deep thoughts on the game. As stated it’s an “on the surface, low-calorie” shooter but the rock solid gun play and even the sound design does a great job of making it feel just right. If you haven’t yet, go try the campaign. It’s a nice afternoon’s worth of gaming.


Call of Duty® Ghosts_20150104104850 Call of Duty® Ghosts_20150104102807 Call of Duty® Ghosts_20150101181851

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