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Let’s look at OneChanbara on PSP

So I imported a copy of OneChanbara for the PSP. When I reviewed ZII: Chaos I found out about this title and since Amazon had it available for cheap I picked up a copy and was surprised how fast it arrived from Japan. As a Japan only release you can imagine how little English there is in the game. However it still seems to be playable. So let’s take a look!

Onechanbara Z2 Chaos

I’ve been trying to think of a clever way to start this review off without mentioning the obvious but I can’t. So let’s mention it, this game has boobs. Lots of boobs. And the game lets you know it frequently. Bikini clad Japanese women fighting zombies. This game knows what it is and plays to it a lot. It could not be geared more towards it’s target demographic. Luckily it plays just as well as it…uh…looks?

If you are familiar with the series you will know this not the first Onechanbara game to come about. Nope, it began life on the PS2 and has since had releases on the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP, cell phones and now the PS4. There was also a movie made based on the game series. So while you may not have heard about this game, it actually has a lineage that spans multiple consoles and mediums.

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Mid Year Gaming Report – 2015

Let’s take a look at how 2015 has stacked up so far. I haven’t played every game released this year but I have played every game I wanted to play so this is my personal list. Expect to see a lot of PS4 titles as that has been what I’ve played most of this year.

I’m breaking this down in my Favorites, Surprises and Disappointments. First I’m going to talk about my disappointments for this year so far and move on to what have been my favorite titles in 2015. Remember, just because a game isn’t listed does not mean I didn’t like it, these are just the ones that left some sort of impression on me over other games for one reason of another.
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