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Let’s Play Thymesia, a Bloodborne-esq souls like.

Driven by a being a sucker for “budget” games and a fondness for the Souls series I decided to give Thymesia a try. I knew nothing about it other than it’s a souls-like game. It’s very similar to Bloodborne which is, controversially I’m sure, one of my least favorite games in the Souls series. So will I walk away enjoying this one? Let’s see.

Mid Year Gaming Report – 2015

Let’s take a look at how 2015 has stacked up so far. I haven’t played every game released this year but I have played every game I wanted to play so this is my personal list. Expect to see a lot of PS4 titles as that has been what I’ve played most of this year.

I’m breaking this down in my Favorites, Surprises and Disappointments. First I’m going to talk about my disappointments for this year so far and move on to what have been my favorite titles in 2015. Remember, just because a game isn’t listed does not mean I didn’t like it, these are just the ones that left some sort of impression on me over other games for one reason of another.
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