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Monday VLOG #2 PSP Bargains, New Game and BIOS Failure

We look at some bargains I got when shopping for new PSP games, a new game I imported a physical copy of and my adventures in a BIOS update failure.

Let’s Look At: GUN

Stephen digs into GUN and talks about why it’s one of his favorite games of all time.

Let’s look at OneChanbara on PSP

So I imported a copy of OneChanbara for the PSP. When I reviewed ZII: Chaos I found out about this title and since Amazon had it available for cheap I picked up a copy and was surprised how fast it arrived from Japan. As a Japan only release you can imagine how little English there is in the game. However it still seems to be playable. So let’s take a look!

PlayStation Portable Buyers Guide

I love articles like this since they are always subjective to the person writing it and because of that I usually get to learn about games I haven’t tried yet. So now it’s my turn to give back and present my own advice on what games you need to get if you decide to buy a PlayStation Portable (PSP) and start collecting for it.

The first thing I want to talk about is the system itself. It was originally released in 2004. The system blew people away at first, never before had anyone seen a handheld with graphics as good as the PSP. It was like having a portable PS2. It also had an analog nub that worked similar to an analog stick which allowed more freedom of movement in games which really helped out with racing games. The library spans more than 700 games so you have plenty to choose from. The system even plays PSOne games downloaded from the PlayStation store.

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Dante’s Inferno – Throwback Thursday

So here’s a game that was much better than people may let on, at least in my opinion. I was shopping for some cheap PSP games and came across a brand new, in the wrapper, copy of Dante’s inferno. I completely forgot this was released for the PSP. I bought the game on release for the PS3 and had a blast with it.

When I got home I tore into it, chuckled at how old the case inserts were that were advertising old games and turned on the PSP. I didn’t know what to expect, I remember reading reviews that basically said this version was garbage. So a garbage version of an underrated game. Great, what a treat. To my surprise it mimicked the console version very well.  What was supposed to be a quick test just to see what it’s like turned into hours of playing. And that turned into me firing up the PS3 version for a bit as well.

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