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I finally decided to go Pro!

Well I decided to just go ahead and do it. I’ve been considering it for a while and when I saw a great sale on Amazon I decided to strike and buy a Surface Pro. Not the new Pro 3, the original. It was exactly what I needed. Same size as my RT, just a tad thicker, and uses the same keyboard.

The performance difference between the RT and the Pro is immediately apparent. That’s not to say the RT is slow, it’s not, but the Pro just works more efficiently, and I appreciate that. Both units have their strengths and weaknesses. In fact the RT may be a better choice for some people. Here is my short list of Pro’s and Con’s for each device.

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My adventure with tablets OR what lead me to buy last gen technology, and love it.

Surface RT ScreenshotMy first tablet was some cheap android tablet I bought off the Staples website way back when I used to work for them and their Rewards Card was actually useful. It had a resistive touch screen which worked ok as long as I wasn’t trying to scroll with it. A stylus worked great but I could never find a good case for it that would hold both the tablet and stylus.

I soon graduated to an iPad 2 when the iPad 3 came out and the 2 took a price cut. I loved it. In fact I sold my netbook after two weeks with the iPad once I realized it did everything I needed in a mobile solution, or so I thought. It would play YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and even work as a Word Processor in a pinch. The web browser was fairly robust for a tablet I though and rarely encountered anything it could not do.

However after a while I was missing being able to use websites with Flash, type with any sense of speed and print directly from it. I told myself I could love without the flash if I could solve the other issues. I tried using different print utilities with varied success and never could find a case with a keyboard that would still be slim enough for my liking.

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