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Terminator Resistance

Terminator Resistance: A Gamer’s Review

I really enjoyed Terminator Resistance for what it was. I’m also glad I got it during the recent Winter Sale on Steam for $29 as opposed to what I was going to do and get it on console at the full $60 price. Luckily it released on PC before it hit consoles, saving me some money, an important consideration when looking at Terminator Resistance. It’s currently 2020 and this game was released in late 2019. We have certain expectations for games now such as cutting edge graphics, high resolution textures and photo realistic human characters. Terminator Resistance has none of that. This game looks like it could have been released during the 360/PS3 generation, and had it been, it would have been a great looking game for that era.

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I finally decided to go Pro!

Well I decided to just go ahead and do it. I’ve been considering it for a while and when I saw a great sale on Amazon I decided to strike and buy a Surface Pro. Not the new Pro 3, the original. It was exactly what I needed. Same size as my RT, just a tad thicker, and uses the same keyboard.

The performance difference between the RT and the Pro is immediately apparent. That’s not to say the RT is slow, it’s not, but the Pro just works more efficiently, and I appreciate that. Both units have their strengths and weaknesses. In fact the RT may be a better choice for some people. Here is my short list of Pro’s and Con’s for each device.

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Virtual Machines!

We spent the morning installing a Windows XP virtual machine so we can play some Windows 95 era games!!


And just like any new OS install….updates…..