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Let’s Look At: The Original Xbox

Stephen takes a look at the Original Xbox. This is his second time owning one even though the first time shouldn’t count. He talks about the system itself, his random game collection for it and the bittersweet experience that helped him grow his small collection in a single day.

November 2015 Free PlayStation Plus Games

Here are your free PlayStation Plus games for November 2015. Happy Gaming!


The Walking Dead: Season 2
Magicka 2


Mass Effect 2
Beyond Good & Evil


Dragon Fin Soup – PS4 and PS Vita (PS3 Cross-Buy when available)

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My Fighter!

Top Five Games of 2014

The Daily Goat Show’s
Top Five Games of the 2014

So before we get into it, let’s talk about why I chose these five games. It’s easy really. They may not be the best games of 2014 to everyone but when I laid out all the games released this year that I’ve played, and that’s a lot of games, these were the five that stood out to me. They stood out because they left the most lasting impression on me, when I started writing about all the games, these five had me on a roll, reliving my experiences and feelings I had when I played them.

So whether or not these are the five I had the most fun with, these are the ones that had the biggest impact on me as a gamer. And that’s fair enough.

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Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

I was a fan of this game the first time I played it on the PC. I ended up buying it on the Xbox360 as well. It’s easily one of my favorite games in recent history. I was a fan of the original Tomb Raiders as well back in the PS1 days which may be a reason I enjoy the reboot so much.

With the lack of games out for the PS4 I decided to pick up a copy of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. I figured I already know I like the game and have played through it multiple times now, enjoying it every time. So if the PS4 can offer up an even better experience then I’m game, and as soon as I fired it up I could tell it was going to be a great experience again. Continue reading