Social Experiment: Shoe’s Untied.

So I bought a new pair of shoes about a month ago. They were on clearance at Target for $8, how could I pass that up?! Technically I should have since they were 1/2 a size smaller than what I wear but they are doing the job so far. My big toe clicks at night when I wear them…I wonder if that’s a bad thing?

The other issue with them is that they come untied fairly regularly. Being one that enjoys video games, I decided to make a game out of this. I walk quite a bit at my day job and end up tying my shoes three or four times a day. So instead of doing that right away I decided to see if I could make it back to my office with my shoes untied and see who would be helpful and alert me of my impending possible danger.

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The Last of Us Remastered – Glitches Part One

A few glitches I noticed while playing. I don’t remember a single glitch on my PS3 version, but the Remastered edition is pretty generous with it’s glitching. Still a damn good game though.

I labeled this part one and knowing my luck, it won’t glitch anymore making this the only part. But we shall see!

Note: Looks like I guessed right. I’ve put another 7 hours into it since making the above video and it has ran flawlessly. I guess it just needed to get it’s Lt. Dan legs.

Virtual Machines!

We spent the morning installing a Windows XP virtual machine so we can play some Windows 95 era games!!


And just like any new OS install….updates…..

The Future of Single Player?

When I think of gaming, I picture myself sitting in a chair, or on the floor, holding my controller and staring at my TV. I’m either shooting bad guys, climbing a wall, racing a car, anything! And I’m being captivated by the narrative, letting it take me wherever it wants to.

My favorite part of gaming is experiencing the story. Maybe its because of when I grew up, but I just can’t get that same feeling when playing multiplayer games, even story driven ones. When I was a kid multiplayer meant when my character died, my brother or best friend then played Luigi. That was fine because the story was basic and easy to follow. Go through a few levels, hop over Bowser and get disappointed when the princess is in another castle. Simple.

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