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Dragon Age Inquisition – First Day Impressions

It’s finally here! I purposely avoided any reviews, previews and screenshots of the game. I was very excited for it to come out and with high profile games I prefer to avoid any “contact” with it until I pop it into my console so I can experience it all at once. I don’t know why I do that, but I do.

It’s been a while since I played a Dragon Age game. In fact I didn’t play Origins until Dragon Age 2 came out. So, hearing good things, I bought Origins, Awakening and “2” all at the same time and binge gamed my way through them. It was a good time and I got fully immersed in the world. That was, however, long enough ago that I’ve forgotten most of it so Inquisition really is a new experience for me. Though, some of what they reference from the previous games seems…familiar at least.

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Spec Ops: The Line: Recommended

I just finished playing through this game and have mixed feelings overall about it, but at the end of the day I did have fun. A large portion of my enjoyment came from the gunplay which reminded me a lot of Army of Two, and that is never a bad thing.

You play the role of a soldier that turns the mission into a personal vendetta deep in the sands of Dubai. During the game you get to see what that means and how your choices play out. The mechanic of making choices in games are seldom done with major consequences and Spec Ops is no different but at least it seems like it makes an impact on the ending, I didn’t play a second time to find out. But it adds a little something extra.

The graphics do the job and the sand that flies in the air during sand storms or when a grenade explodes looks fine. There are a few times when you can bury your enemies in a ton of sand by shooting out windows but this is never fully realized as a common strategy during the game. The game looks good and the overall atmosphere is successful at setting the tone of the game.
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Lords of the Fallen

First thing’s first. Like other reviews, mentions of Dark Souls will be made. The game does stand on it’s own merits but comparing it to From Software’s game helps put some things into perspective; we will keep them to a minimum if possible. So with that said, do we recommend Lord’s of the Fallen? Well here we go!

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Destined to be Alone: Day Four, Final Impressions and Review

Late but it’s done. This segment I meant. Day Four is here and I won! I finished Mars and hit level 20 to start a new saga on my journey to… well, be better at Destiny.

Look at that thang!

Look at that thang!

I was taken back the first time I saw the Cabal. They were nothing like the previous enemies. Big, huge space marine type enemies. They fell easy enough, but posed a challenge once I started fighting Centurions. Continue reading

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The Evil Within: First Impressions

I finally got a chance this week to sit down with The Evil Within from Tango Gameworks. I spent a good hour and a half with it and went through a rollercoaster of emotions as I played it. They were not the emotions you may think. The game didn’t scare me at all so far. I went from excited anticipation, elation, disappointment, eye-rolling, perseverance and finally relief once I saw what the game will actually be like. Continue reading

SMTP: Killzone Shadow Fall

Killzone is a strong brand in the PlayStation universe. It was a huge system seller when Killzone 2 came out for the PS3. I was expecting the same excitement for Shadow Fall. It’s been argued that Shadow Fall is not really a sequel as it’s not a numbered entry in the series and I get that. However, there is an expectation for this brand, especially if it’s going to be a launch title. This title was one of their arguments for getting a PS4 over the XBone right?

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Destined to be Alone: Day One of Destiny.


Just got to install it first….

Day one with Destiny was quite the learning experience. I played the Alpha which just tossed you into an area with no direction and since it was an alpha, I didn’t mind. I skipped the beta because I didn’t want to know any more about the game before playing it. So when I started it up at first I was all…


Once I got passed the intro level I stared wandering around the first section with little purpose or direction. I was level 2 and kept getting killed by level 6-8 enemies. Which I should have! I was just wondering why I wasn’t finding any enemies scaled to my level. It took me about half an hour to realize that I had just wandered too far out of the area I was supposed to be in.

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Destined to be Alone!

With Destiny releasing tomorrow night, technically Tuesday, I am going to start a new section here. As I am a fan of single player experiences I am going to try and complete the game completely on my own. By that, I mean the main campaign, I read it could be done but will be very hard. I will update this with stories, screen shots and videos of my adventures, or failures, as it goes on.

Stay Tuned!

FYI, spoilers WILL be present, it’s just the nature of the beast.


NHL 15 PS4 Demo, Let’s do this!

Let’s take a look at the new NHL15 Demo that came out today (PS4).

…pretty sure I noticed the animations… Next time, we type a script first!

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DGS Plays – P.T. Set 1

Today we play around in the Playable Trailer (P.T.) (PS4) for the upcoming Silent Hill game from the minds of Guillermo del Toro and, more importantly for gamers, Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear Solid infamy.

There is no commentary, just gameplay, as this “demo” is all about atmosphere and I didn’t want to ruin that. This isn’t a complete playthrough but it covers a good bit of the demo, I don’t want to spoil it all. You should really play it yourself to experience it. I played it during the day, in a well-lit room with other people in it and I still felt creeped out. Enjoy!

Wolfenstein: The New Order

I am not a professional reviewer, but I am an avid gamer. I play games for fun, not for competition or online bragging rights. I grew up playing games for fun and got hooked. I say that to give a glimpse into how I am going to review this game. It will be much like my Windows Phone 8 review where it’s from my point of view and how I receive the content. I will keep it a bit vague as to not accidentally spoil anything but some things are inevitable so read with that in mind.

So to start, it’s a fantastic game. It’s exactly what I would think a current generation Wolfenstein would be. But there are some flaws that take away from the experience, but only slightly. Let’s begin at the top, the introduction to the events that are about to unfold set the stage for a game with a serious tone. That is until you eat dog food to regain health. The story, I feel, is pretty good and I enjoy the premise. If I were looking for a believable story, this ain’t it, but I buy it as it is presented with enough depth that it works for the game. It won’t change how you view shooters from now on but it moves the action along and keeps you entertained. You will shortly find that the story is also a bit dumb, but that’s by design it would seem. It has enough funny or stupid moments and comments to interrupt the serious tone that it all feels like it works.

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